Strings Of Fire

Time doesn’t diminish what we have stapled to our soul and love doesn’t change when you come and go. We laid in each other’s arms, eyes closed, fingers wrapped around, and all the colors of the world passed through our bodies like searing strings of fire. Our breaths caught in our throats, you looking into me from beneath your lashes, you ruined me. As you rose over me, your finger traced my lips, you whispered ‘you are mine’, a rush, like a low breath of warmth came up through and wrapped around me, I was…yours.

Life has twists and turns that have brought us to stops and starts along the way. I have felt my feet upon solid earth and I have felt them slip beneath the quicksand. I have pulled myself up every time, sometimes even opting to travel in your shoes. I saw too many times, the passing, the confusion, the righting and the writing on the wall. I walked on, searching for the right, in everything I felt was wrong. I kept my heart open and my spirit pure and everything we mean, locked inside, you hold the key, nothing will ever be more to me.

Contained in passion, my soul lifts my body to you, an angel’s flight through the realm of all dreams, a connection whose spark renews when I feel you here with me. You take away my breath, as we become one, you breathe me in and I am lost in us once again…


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