Finding The Door

…the soul traps memories that stay with you throughout time and in those sweet hours that your heart pines, the shower of feelings can move you through rolling thunder and strike like bolts of lightning, start fires where embers still linger or bring a peace that falls like rain. In moments like these, the true spirit in you rises up and what you want most, drips like honey on the lips of angels and the sweetness of knowing, lights like a sun, and you drift away on the fragrant breath of the words of want of something that once layed upon your fingertips like the velvet of a rose. The layers of our lives can become like another skin, a cloth that surrounds and protects and defends and conspires to hold in, lock away,it can be a silent prison with invisible bars and only you hold the key. In my own life, the pain became my prison, the threads bound me and refused to loose my heart from the torments. I lived within that cocoon and stayed safely behind those bars that time had surrounded me with. I got used to or became expectant that the wounds would never heal…I lost myself in what others needs and wants were and defined myself with giving and refusing to be given to. I believe that I would have stayed there, but for what came…there is a certain faith that builds when you trust, and let love, and believe in and feel something that pushes you to that higher place, it was climb that was worth the sacrifice of protecting myself, it was those sweet moments of surrender that lay upon me and the silken words that sing me to sleep tonight…I will close my eyes and fly to the memories that bind me to you..I will drift off seeing your eyes,feeling your touch and wanting more..always wanting more…


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