Angel Power

The sweet sound of chimes fills the air with a musical background to a beautiful Spring day. In me flows an energy that has me unnerved and vulnerable. I hold in the fireworks letting them explode inside, the sound is deafening and their colors spray across my heart and fade into twinklings of soft light. I breathe deep the newness in the air, the season has a way of awakening but my spirit sleeps, laid in a coffin of winter. My soul rises with my breaths and looks down on my spirit, waiting for movement, but it sleeps on, waiting, for that kiss of life, for it to be pulled from the deep.
My fingers catch the tendrils of my long waved hair and pull them up into a twist. I wet my lips and pinch my cheeks and head out into the world, my soul is weak from the weight it has carried, it is but for the angels that I rise without your strength.

A year has passed, the same whisperings and words and love are as they were, the same trust in what I believe, the same need and want…my heart reaches but they are wisps of smoke. Over and over you are my reality, my dream, my hope, my forever…day in and day out, I wait to be yours.


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