How do some people look at themselves in the mirror? If only they could talk, the mirror I mean, kind of like a snow white wicked queen mirror, one that told them the truth no matter what. I imagine, in that case, it would just crack and fall in pieces being exposed to all the bullshit and some would just crack up! Mirror, mirror on the wall…ok, go ahead, ask it a question…what???…afraid of what the answer is??

I’m glad I can look myself dead in the eyes and know who and what I am made of. I guess I can be vulnerable and gullible and trusting and just plain blind when it comes to my heart. I get it thrown back in my face though and never have  learned how not to be that way. I don’t know how to be a player in this game that  some people play and I don’t go behind anyone’s back and then lie and say those three little words when I have different intentions. I have become very guarded though, which feels like being behind an emotional barrier, it sucks that I have to live my life questioning every move I make. I hate it!!! Who has the right to put someone in that kind of prison? No one, but they do and still the mirror doesn’t speak…that’s why I’m here!!

To some it’s enjoyable to have womyn all over them, to some it’s a high that can’t be achieved with just one woman, okay..if it’s that way, then be fucking honest. For some it’s just habitual to keep searching when what they have is sufficient, insatiable appetites, but why get in a relationship in the first place and hurt people who trust you . For some it’s the chase that entices them toward more and more, so be a flirt, just make sure the womyn you flirt with know that’s all it will ever be. For some the grass seems always greener on the other side..always.

I don’t roll like that, I am straight up, if I want something, I say I want it, if you don’t get what I’m asking for,  ask  for a better explanation. I don”t believe in cheating, or being told shit that is as fake as the person is standing in front of me trying to shove their bullshit down my throat, don”t yank my chain unless you can take my bite! I don’t get players, I don’t see what they get out of hurting or destroying lives for a little bit of pleasure. I see it all the time, and see the womyn that are going through the game and having been there, I just want to smack the shit out of the bitches, use porn!  ..works better and no one gets hurt!!! Then there’s those womyn who just have to have what someone else has..they back stab, act like your friend, slip their sick  asses right in between and with smooth words and convincing lies, tear apart lives..tear apart relationships..and then it’s onto the next..and the next..no class whatsoever.

Anyway, I have had my bitch session for the day, and still wonder…what’s it look like in your mirror??


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