Your Choice…MY Choice

I don’t know why or pretend to have figured out the psyche of the lgbtq community. Even in our own realm, where you’d think there would be shared support for every part, there are still some that come up against hatred and discrimination. I am a femme lesbian, I enjoy the company of butches, and yes, I label myself. I don’t stand out, and I look as mainstream as the next straight woman on the street, but I am a lesbian. I sometimes feel like you don’t like the fact that I love my hair down to my ass, and my fingernails long, and that I prefer short shorts to baggy boi shorts, I feel admonished at times because my demeanor doesn’t scream “I am a lesbian”, but believe me, I whisper it in a lot of ears. I’m proud to be who I am, and am outspoken enough to let “anyone” know it! To this day, my mother, whom I’ve told over and over, still sneaks in remarks about “finding a good man”, if only she understood tha even her slight of hand comments bother me, I really think she’d stop, but some, they only hear their own voices and speak without thinking. She is 73 years old and has known for 12 years that I love womyn, but I guess she still has a small part of her that fears the stigma that prevailed all her life and most of mine, that it’s a sin to fall in love with the same sex…still I speak my mind and let it go. In my own community, I am ostrasized for being too “straight” looking, as if I should have to wear a parade sign that gets the point across. I am out and I support every part of our lifestyle, I sign the petitions, I speak for equal rights, I stand up for same sex marraige, and try to attain acceptance from intolerant and stubborn and bigotted people, I am just as much a part as those whose preference is worn out loud and still I get attitude from some who feel I am just too mainstream. I may wear short shorts, high heels, long wavy hair and paint my nails and am therefore unidentifiable as a lesbian, but the way I look has no bearing on what I feel or who I am. If you need to have a problem with something, make sure there’s a viable reason. Who someone is, is who they are, no matter what they portray on the outside. I LOVE being femme, and I LOVE that part of me is butch, like my attitude, so try, give me shit because I enjoy flaunting my sexiness in my own way, I can take it..and I can give it..oh,and watch out for those nails 🙂 ,they’ll either sink into your back or come across your head..your choice!


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