Come,Come Baby

She ran both her hands down the sides of the rippling silk of my nightgown sending shocks of pleasure down my spine. She pulled me into her warm hard body, the muscles tensed and released. Her fingertips grazed the mound of my breast as if  she knew me in ..and out. She came over me like hot breath on the skin, lifting and then letting go. My mind pulled me into the light, powerfully and constant was the physical and mental rush of pure love. Sensual love that wrapped us both, we soared…we exploded.. 

…..and then I woke up

..don’t you hate when that happens???

So, anyway, this morning was a painful one, waking up spent and feeling my heartbeat in my throat and you are a million miles away, I can’t reach for a ghost. My trembling sleeps in my core today. My mind seems unable to rest, even in sleep..

Dreams, ones we conjure and ones we believe in, and ones that give us hope, and ones that lie dormant in the heart…they all serve their purpose…maybe to a higher place in us..the lessons being taught over and over. I seem to dwell and I can read the passion behind each…some are open ended, some are solid, some pry us to go on, and some are lost forever.

I dream …all the time… of you.


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