The Walk

Like glass shattering, the moments that pass show through an open window to her heart. The shards, some darkened, some that sparkle,, tear again the wounds and she bleeds. The road is difficult and with no hand to guide her or save her, she searches for signs. Her mind knows the path too well and all that has touched her soul and her eyes are open, a picture of her feelings written upon the lines of her face and the depth that is held within.

The days stretch out like a lazy cat in the windowsill. The hours that pass tick away her life. In the shadows of today, she wills what will come tomorrow. A wall that won’t be penetrated begins to form and brick by brick, it closes her inside. The midnight brings with it the howl of a lone wolf, the clouds that hold its moon so gently loosen their grasp. In  the scores that play in her mind, the music takes her further and further from reality. She escapes into her dreams and like a balloon, they float above her. Fingers wrapped around each one as she ascends to her heaven.

The pain of returning, like a painful rebirth, she cannot hold what reality brings to her, she cannot bear to walk away, she closes her eyes and her mind, blankets her soul and her heart, she sheds tears into a pillow that once cradled her head…reality  takes her spirit…


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