We Are…

The moon is lingering, the stars, like shimmering teardrops, the air breathes cool breaths on her skin. Once again bitten, she pulls the very life from me into her own, my mind whispers the words, for my voice has stolen away into a silent place, she hushes her heart as she takes me.

The calm settles around me and in the distance a lone whistle of a train and I remember where she hid her dreams. In the mist of the mountains, she watched as they rose, their promises seeking the light as they drifted away.

It is like poison that I drink from the river as it passes over my soul, consuming me. Her throat tightened and her spirit folded into her. She seeks release, where there is none.

My body trembles as she reaches for the sky but the waves hold her and she is drowned in their crashing, the salt on her lips, her air taken from her. Her eyes close as she succumbs to the shadows that hold her love. She surrenders herself and I am whole for a moment.

The dance of passion and love, submissive and dominant, their hands clasp one another…our souls mingle, our spirits braided into one another…we are.


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