Whispers On My Skin


It is all I know of love,

this breath that whispers across my skin,

the fires that we walk through

purify our sin,

The scars fall away,

the dark no longer frightens,

the sadness but stepping stones

that lift each step we take

the knot of love is tightened

never to forsake

In the sands of time and space

The flicker of a flame

casting the shadows of memories

this feeling, wild and tame

The echo breaks all the silences

that I seek in me

for every time you speak the words

the love is our release

The starry nights, the moonlit nights,

searching for my wish to light the sky.

The distance in between, a distant lover’s sigh

the clouds in my eyes reveal the storms in me

for I am chained to the soul that once had set me free

Like lightning flashing graffiti against that shattered wall

is the light cast like morning upon my swollen soul

that brings me to my knees as I feel my own heart fall

Like the thunder crackling and booming

it shakes up my whole world

breaching every defense

smokes of my soul unfurled.

The breaths against the fire

its fingers wrapped around my heart

the powers of desire

whisper of happy..ever after…before we even start

I have loved you for a hundred years, I will love you evermore

I am the angel that you’ve cast away so many times before

Though my wings you’ve broken, they always seem to mend

From within that firey prison, you call me out again

I have loved you for a thousand years,

I will love you through my tears

I am the angel that you beckoned

each time that you prayed

our spirits have been reckoned

and I will have my way

The mourning will be over, the longing and the pain

I will hold you there forever

I am..the angel..who guards your flame

The sorrows and the hurt along that broken path

will be the ground we leave behind..forever in the past


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