lesbian romance


Deeper The deeper I dream, the deeper you go

I no longer have to sleep to pull you in close

The shades have been drawn, let the winds blow

The footsteps are ones my heart already knows

The knock that I answered to the door of my heart

Pulled me out of a wasteland and up toward the light

These moments we live through being apart

Are just that, only moments, this love knows the fight

I long for the shadow you cast upon me

The fingertip tracing of the feelings we share

The warmth of your arms where I trust and believe

Laying close knowing that you’ll always be there

There is no recourse when love unhinges the soul,
when the heart bears itself to the point of drowning
in the blood of its scars, than to hold steadfast to
your spirit, tethering the wings of your truth to it.
There is not one second that I don’t breathe this
love deep into my soul. Your name is carved upon
this heart that beats so hard when I feel you move
close..r and each time you do, and reach for me, I
can’t help but feel the emotion.
When the corners of my world seem to be
closing in on me, you open the door, and
suddenly there is wind and rain and laughter
and all the pain..it just slips away. You are the one
single piece that has been everywhere and nowhere..
all the searching, the waiting, all the parts of you
I found along that road, never would fit the way you
and would simply fall away. So to reach your heart,
I will fly to the ends of the earth…
and I want
you to hear me…
I love you…and…I won”t let go of this

There are those times when you feel yourself open from the inside out. It isn’t often, this feeling, of pureness and joy; but for fleeting moments in time, we all experience that clarity of mind and soul and spirit. It flows from us and the entire world is light.

That precious innocence that is left behind us when we grow; the dormancy of its movement is awakened and explodes from within and pours like a rainfall upon a withering body.

Our focus is inward, but as we look outward, we see with eyes unencumbered by the scars life has slashed across the face of innocence. In those moments, we know true love and joy exists and seemingly, we live for those moments of reassurance.

I often wonder how my life would be if that innocence was intact. If I saw the world as pure, and people as loving, how it would be.  I become ethereal when those moments happen and humanity and its world fade and I am spirit instead of flesh.

In those moments, there is a promise, and it speaks to me and makes me seek a higher tranquility within this world, a deeper connection to the harmony of a deity of pureness that manifests within me.

In my daily life, I fight with the demons that have poisoned my thoughts and stolen my joy. Piece by piece, they hold it captive and sometimes, it may seem as though the world has gone dark, but the spirit is free, and can seek out the light. The spirit is not prisoner in our bodies, and its flight from this mortality comes in those moments when the body is fighting, the mind is weary, the soul is torn, but if we can feel its flight of our spirit, this life becomes much more simple.

I felt that tonight, as I looked toward the sky, wondering, wanting, needing something to move within me, and it did…this movement across my heart …of love…of you.


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