Empty Air


Sunlight comes and morning breaks,
once again she cries as her eyes open
and her heart wakes,
the air is cool upon her skin,
the silence is one that just pulls her in,
the tears slide down and rest upon her lips,
she aches again for her lover’s kiss,
her soul calls out to the empty air,
another day, another prayer,
how many pour from her spirit,
when does the end come,
when will she be near it?
The skies as blue as the blue in her
and as blue as the eyes she looks through,
she lives in that place with a love that pulls,
the sweetness brings her to her knees,
the want that never ever dulls,
a nightmarish dream that will never ease,
whispers whisper the memory of
and pictures flash wherever she walks,
the lingering warmth of her truest love,
the promises, the plans, the talks,
a hand to hold through the hardest days,
arms to fall into when her spirit frays,
sunlight comes and morning breaks,
to feel love up against her again makes her forsake,
the angel eyes that looked back into hers,
between the dreams and the blurs
…of reality…
a wish she makes on the morning star,
between heartache and regret,
to bring her back,
to that love that will
always be…
that’s always inside of me…


One thought on “Empty Air

  1. Oh your poetry is just lovely. Reading it is like watching a river flow bare toes.

    My Name is Rischa and I am a Lesbian doing research in our community. For I am looking for women (trans-inclusive) who identify as bisexual, lesbian queer or questioning (LBQ) to participate in a study on gender presentation and substance use. Research is important to me because health-care professionals use it to make decisions about our care.

    Oh and please help me get the word out by re-posting this widely and telling your friends. Thank you.



    This study has been approved by the St. John’s University IRB.


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