lesbian romance

Nothing Between Us…

…nothing between us but the light,
no more shadows to pull me in

there’s nothing that takes away my fight
like the thought of your hands brushing

the want under my skin,

I keep on dreaming
right through this broken heart

you’ ve got me believing
that we would never fall apart

baby, hush the screaming
’cause your love mends me everytime

tell me one more time I’m yours
tell me you are mine

…nothing here between us
but the night

the candle’s glow

in your eyes

put your finger to my lips
dry the tears I’ve cried

hold me so I don’t fall apart
heal me with

your sighs

take that water and make it holy

take back the words that tore apart

you make me think, eternity

you do that to my heart

There is trust deeper than the deep
angel eyes that see right through our pain

There is a place that rocks us in our sleep
showers of a love that promises, again

baby, I know you’re out there

watching my every move

I hear those sweet nothings in my ear

feel your body like a glove

…nothing here between us
but what we’ve left behind

no more baggage, no more lies

I set you free for you to find

your feet, to travel back to me

passion that will turn back time

you are that eternal fire

across my darkest skies,

sometimes the dark can make you blind
but look again, there’s a spark

that quiets the hiss

blow the ember on my soul,

there is no goodbye kiss,

only the shine
of our memories to make the fire blaze

only my eyes looking into yours…the warmest lover’s gaze


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