The softness climbed through her soul, 

the tenderness covered her fingertips, 

the silk of her skin and the smell of cologne,
as she pulled her body in

She closed her eyes and felt it in her bones.

…the most perfect sin…

a kiss that would make the angels cry
the love quivered through her spirit
out and in
Her body trembled when she came
near it
as she begged to be taken again ..and again

…the surrendering…

the slow melt of soul to soul
the flames that gently licked her
the tug of demanding hands made her unfold
she lives for her, she dies for more
lying there taking in a heart of gold

…the slow dance above the floor…

deeper and deeper she climbed into her
never had she became flesh and ghost
higher and higher until she could take no more
and still higher to that heaven she’d never known
she opened every single door

…always hers and hers alone…

the stars fell from her eyes
her breath sighed for the last time
she spread her angel wings to go
where angels fly
she left her there and left it all behind

…but the love, for the love of her life…

her hands reached for that forever
her eyes could see the city
her mind full of memories together
she took them in her heart to eternity
a love no other could harm or sever

…the most perfect…love…that would ever be


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