The winds shifted and the sweetness of summer poured onto her body, the ripples of water shifted and she felt the softness slip out of her. The hand that slid under her hair held her there as the waves made her shudder with want. She relaxed and felt her ghost come up around her once again. Eyes melting into one another, into a pool of warm silken promise, the dawn approached and she refused its wakening. Gently the whispers came back to her, the shadows  no longer consuming her spirit, she rose to the voice of love and woke behind the lids of her eyes to the phantom she kept inside. The muscles now full of their own strength pulled her to the body that molded against her. She sought the embers that glowed and breathed them to a flame, her body fell into the fire. In a moment her spirit slipped from her skin and twisted into the smoke, a spiritual meeting from a touch she wished to her again and again. The air bled through pushing upward, beyond the morning star, beyond the moon, to a place that filled with the known and the unknown and she wept with the tenderness it made her feel. Another moment, and the earth shifted, and she fell, her eyes still wet, her heart pounding for release, her spirit reaching for her love, she awoke from her dream aching for reality, for her.


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