Dedicated To A Young Mother Who Had So Much To Live For

The night’s moon rose beyond the cliffs
the shadows felt like fingertips
reaching out to touch her lover’s lips
her tears mingled with the spirit kiss
The silence felt like a quiet grave
the stars a mirror ’round her heart
no longer did her body crave
the stolen music ripped apart
the angel once blind to every fault
eyes wide open through the dark
the cry of demons purged by salt
tore through her and left their mark
a bleeding soul left on her knees
she climbed the branches of her life
around her throat, the noose of peace
she whispered ‘forgive’ into the night
her spirit rose beyond the cliffs
her memories, one by one they stilled
each one the angels took as gifts
atonement for the one who killed
she whispered on her last breath, a wish
that it be done, for it is willed
slowly she closed her swollen eyes
for life had swept away the sighs
her sadness cloaked her rising spirit
forgiveness spoke, she could hear it
lifted up on angel’s wings
she felt the final peace it brings
her hands bruised and fingers bent
she fought the fight but in the end
the only truth left to tell
brought her to heaven through her hell
the sounding chorus, rest in peace
her smile and laughter ever ceased
for in a moment she sought release
and left us here to fight the beast
unknown to her the love we felt
the tears that poured, the heart would melt
the spirits that gathered ’round her soul
to keep her here, to send her home
R.I.P.~ B.L.R.~2/24/2012


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