My Sea

Though we may bid the sea in us to still, it never will. Under the layers of clothing, the flesh and blood runs hot and cold, the waves of emotions that pull us under can toss us into the foam or against the rocks. The wind lifts us and fill our sails and we fly, along the way we gather up the pieces of heaven and slip them inside our soul. The stars in our eyes light the way through our universe and we light softly on the clouds of love.

Your arm comes around my waist, our bodies mold one against the other. I feel your fingertips slip lightly through the thickness of my untamed curls that fall like a veil over you and your leg come up between the both of mine, with the power to open me. I turn to climb you and wrap around the muscles of your honey colored hips and raise my hands to steady my body and hold the shoulders that pull me down. My lips come against the skin of your neck and I feel your pulse in my mouth, the salt of your skin. Your eyes, they drown me in a pool of such depths that I cannot look away, they mesmerize me. The hypnotic state of the clash of body and spirit make the waves of love burst like pinned bubbles, each containing the poison of your pleasure and I am filled with such emotion that can’t be contained and spills out of my heart. Hearts pounding, breaths fast and tender brush against me, the heat of them pulling the want from me, my heart against my skin, against your skin, each clinging to the other, our souls meet.



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