I am love

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The scent of night, the honeysuckle’s perfume wafts, the fresh-cut lawn, and the sweet-william and lilies drift in the dewy air. The Sycamore tree, its branches twisting toward a dusky sky filled with soft pinks and oranges as the fiery sun sets behind the foothills of the Blue Ridge Mountains. The creek has risen and pushes against the banks, a soft music from its flow and playfulness as it tumbles over the rocks and branches. The tree frogs join with their endless melody, the fireflies begin their dance and the bushes and the trees are lit with their sparkle. She stretched her tanned legs down the hammock releasing the tension in her muscles. She reached up and pulled the ribbon that tied her hair and it fell in wavy strands across her shoulders and lay against her like shining snakes down her arms. Her t-shirt, cutoff arms, sliced from the neck, bared her soft sunburnt breasts, the waist twisted and tied. The faded blue jean shorts were soft against the muscles of her thighs, her belt like a path across the bones of her hips. She stared at the clouds as they glided by and all she could think of was… I look around me and there’s so much..so much..I have to be grateful for. I wonder why I only appreciate it sometimes and then other times, I JUST WANT MORE!!!!!! ..oh sorry, didn’t mean to yell… So anyway, let’s get down to it..53 years old, I don’t think I’m hard on the eyes, well at least not after creams, and steams, and a touch of makeup… 🙂 …my arms and legs are tanned and muscular, …but there’s something going on with my abs!!!??? …they’ve gone underground I think!! I can feel them, right under that soft squishy stuff….what the hell is that sh*t?? Anywayyyy…so I can turn some heads when I want to and have…how many womyn are on this earth? Well I am in the dark on that one…but I’m sure they’re out there somewhere…..overrr the raaaainbowwww…sorry, Judy Garland fan…what was I saying..my point??? Oh yeah, I’M ALONE>>>WHY??????? Hmmm…I think my presence, scares them, it’s just so intense…I AM INTENSE…dammit! So here I sit..lay..play…yup, and even talk to myself, ’cause I can 🙂 I love ME…and I love that I am embers and fire and a smart ass and sweet and sour and tender and tough and gentle …and sometimes I can even go hard, well, I did once anyway. I love that I am patient and soft and kind and forgiving and understanding…maybe I’m just too faceted for most…deep…I like..deep.. I’m not full of myself, hardly, but you know? ..when you know yourself, you KNOW yourself! I sometimes wonder how I got left here on this planet..then I realize, and ask..whaT! lesson THIS time?? Fallen angels always ask that question…Oooo I think I feel ’em sprouting through my back…time to bring out the wings..we really do have wings 🙂 …the sparkle of her sea blue eyes disappeared behind her lids, she ran her fingertips across her heart. Her full lips drawn into the slightest smile as she watched her memories…bittersweet and drizzled with melancholy. The tiny tears slipped from beneath their cover to the raised corners of her trembling mouth, drawing lines across the soft rose of her cheek, she tries to still, pulling at her reality…but there she stands, ..and there..she goes… I give it all away..I take it all back. I feel destiny..and the dust in me. I long..and then I am complacent. I am insatiable…and yet satisfied. I am young…until I see what ages me. I am love..


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