I hear the hiss, swaying slightly from behind the trunk of the tree I peek, suddenly I am staring into the deepest eyes looking back at me.


My book falls from my hand as I reach to pull myself up by a branch, I cannot look away, it’s as if the hunter has become the catch.


The words jump from the page and flow in front of me face, but suddenly I am caught up in a sprint and a chase, so consuming that it feels close to a rage.


My feet slide across the grass, balancing me on the edge of each blade and my arms fall at my sides, her fingertips still dancing across my skin, the breaths caught in my throat from the love we made, the wind has turned to aching sighs.


Suddenly the sky splits open and the drops of rain cool the sweet heat,
the petals become soft cups overflowing onto the lids of my eyes, awakening me.


The lightning makes the mountains glow and the thunder becomes my heartbeat, as she slides off of me, her arms slither down my sides,
her lips bleed love, her honey drips as her spirit bids…


goodbyes..again goodbye.






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