INSIDE of me…


Put your hands up, lay your weapons down,
let me take your power, don’t you make a sound,
you’re GONNA hear what
I have to SAY,
you never hear me BUT 
tonight YOU will be mine,

HEAR every single sentence ’til I sentence you,

..tonight it’s you that will be walkin’  the

I gave you,
heart and soul,
but you can’t see
’cause you’re too busy in the know

I lined up EVERY ONE OF my ducks
but you keep

kickin’ the row

I broke my own heart
just to give you what you need

I cut my own throat
so you’d see me ..bleed

I’m tired of these fuckin’ games
makin’ me wear the clothe of shames

I protected you,
you brought me to my knees

I collected bread
while you fed others your seed

I worked so hard
to bring my love home

but when I turned the handle, you were playin’

Shut your mouth,
I don’t want to hear your lie

Turn away ’cause
I don’t want to hear your sigh

Let’s tame the dragon before there’s
a fire
I will slay the life you say
you desire

that light in your eyes,
it comes from the chase

but you’ll pay every fine
I’m on your case,

so let’s look back..in time

wish I had a dime
I made you feel so good
that’s right

you slid past me and
out the door at night

saying words to strangers
that were meant for me

my face in front of you
while you played..dangerously

now it’s my turn to tear it down
I don’t have to tell you my account


time for me to stop answering

with all the bullshit that YOU’VE been bringing

my table’s set out in front of me
so many choices of each delicacy

turn around, put your fists in your pocket
you made this choice, you made me lock it

go make believe with someone who gives a fuck
you’ve burnt so many bridges, now you’re stuck

so many chances to make it right
lockin’ it down,as I wander
through the night

touching all the stars
while you watch ME

through those bars 

THAT was meant for you
the look I brought to their faces
while I work on
what you’ve put me through
I pray you feel the sting each time

the memory of my love,

willed to you

until the day I was dead

you spent it all on shallowness

you used it up to build an ego

slide it up inside her now,
I gotta confess
she deserves to be THAT FAR down

behind those stupid walls
make excuses for every time you fall

climb into it and when the engine stalls
leave a message,
’cause I’m not takin’ your call

your call baby,

let me take off that cuff

is that a tear I see…oh, you realize..
I was ALWAYS..

…my heart’s on lockdown..
and that’s where it gonna stay
..right here..inside of ME…


don’t have time for your kind of







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