ImageThe soft summer breeze blew back the memories, she could feel the hand that reached for her, the warm kiss that laid on her lips so tenderly that it melted her, she felt the shoulder she had laid her head upon and the arms that held her in such a way that their promise spoke without a voice. She walked through the garden and the petals brushed against her bare legs and the sun began its ascent through the heavens even as the moon set behind the horizon and she was lost in thought of the days and nights they had shared. It was something that had always gotten her through, had made her stand still, her attempts to move forward were futile, she had been captive of this love and unable to choose otherwise. Her breaths came in waves that welled up in her and made her lips quiver with the power of it, of love. She had tried to turn a corner, she had prayed for a release, she had fought with herself so often that she felt as if she were against a whipping post and every time her feelings lashed out and left her bleeding. Something held her there, something she couldn’t define with words, only heart and a heart speaks volumes but to the spirit that holds it. 

Today she holds more than her dreams, the hopes she held onto have soared higher than she could have imagined. She couldn’t move on…and now, she knows why. One word from her mouth in her ear and she trembled so…her breasts heaved as she felt every emotion she had been beating herself up with become soft and sweet, so sweet that her tears came and the release came and she was whole …again.




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