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Of …forever


She let it run through her mind,
the bittersweet of life,
She looked at it and felt a sense of peace,
she may have turned around,
but it was with ease.

The thoughts made her look inward,
she saw that her heart was moving forward.
She sensed that the love moved in her
and the secret that is only a whisper

The shadows lifted from what makes her stir
she saw the sun coming up, no longer in a blur
She is lost in the moment
and found her voice without a sound,
a reality that love can only be sent back
from where it came, heaven bound,

She had blackened all the mirrors
that reflected her deep soul,
she chained up all the feelings
because she couldn’t let them go,
She walked the edge trying not to fall
into that same dark hole,
but she shattered like glass,
the heat melted all the gold

and her heart, it woke to reason
and her mind closed all its doors
and she stood without feeling,
against that broken splintered floor

the water poured like rain
and she swept it from her heart
in a moment she was on her knees,
soaking up every part

she felt the ebb of life
but was swallowed by the wave
the corners of her world
suddenly giving way

She had waited for the burn
and she had so many things to learn
but her spirit tossed
while she, herself, couldn’t turn

and time, it finally slipped
behind the softened veils
and she left triumphant,
somewhere beyond what fails

In my mind I see the angels cry,
In my mind I question every why
In my heart I felt the rope slip
In my soul I let go of that grip

and I can’t say where my spirit flew
or what brought me back here to you
all I feel is the coming together
and the endlessness of …foreverImage


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