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Struggle For Air…

It came to her like the velvet on the rose, a soft touch but the thorns made her bleed. She looked back and saw the path was dusty and clouded, as if it had been twisted by a wind that she didn’t want to remember, in a place she had lost herself. Her body ached and her mind would not still, she was struggling to feel something but the hurt had numbed her, she fought with herself, she wanted to feel alive but the desperation of not feeling safe made her fold into herself, made her struggle for air.

I want to save her, I want to love her, I want to remove her doubts and her guilt and her hurt, I want her to be whole.

She is alone with her thoughts, she is broken and unsure, she alone drags herself through that mire, but she will find her footing. She is deeper than the depths can fathom and more gentle than a summer rain. She is tender as the first blades of spring and moving, she moves and she makes everything around her wake. She is the waves of the sea, the drink that is sweeter than the springs that flow from the mountain, she feels so much that sometimes she forgets to live and let go. She punishes herself, she pushes against her walls and as they crumble, she rises. She is an angel with invisible wings, she is everything that she never sees, she is the soft on the rose, she is the thorns that make her bleed, she is love and hard to hold. She quiets and the silence can be deafening. She is the breath held inside, she is the voice that she can only hear. She reaches for the sun and she slips behind the moon, she will be lit by every star, when the peace is finally won.

I long to open her eyes, for her to see the truth, to feel the power, to forgive the past. I want to fill her with the good she has forgotten to tender to her soul. I want to take her hand and fly with that angelic spirit and have her know that today is for living. I want to blind her to the sorrows she feels, I want to because there is no one more real. She is my spirit and I am hers, to be in that place is more incredible than words can describe..she is my once in a lifetime..there is nothing I won’t do to bring her to that place where she sees just how amazing she is...Image


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