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The sheets slipped to her hips laying in a rumpled mess, her breasts lay covered by the strands hair that fell loose against the pillow and her soft honey skin. She had heard the key in the door and the footsteps, but she thought it a dream, had rolled over and pulled her pillows up against her. It was so real that immediately her sea blue eyes filled with tears that just flowed without direction. Her thoughts had spilled out onto the cotton and her fingertips wiped away her sorrow, so overwhelming that she could barely breathe. She pleaded with the universe, bring her home…

She struck the match, the candle burned as she reached for the handle of the door. She could read her mind, the softness in her eyes dripped love like melted wax sliding..down. A touch on her arm and she turns onto her bare back. It was as if she was staring at a ghost, maybe she was. Their eyes locked, they fell into one another, both racked by the hush that had fallen upon their life, their love, they held on as if someone would steal the other. The light in the sky was midnight blue and the stars twinkled and the full moon lit the world up with its glow, like a touch from an angel, every prayer answered, every hurt worth it, every tear, an ocean that had brought her home.

Dawn broke and the scents and sounds drifted through the window and the stirrings of the night left her filled…she turned onto her side and realized…she was still…alone.

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