That Rush..

Every moment that I breathe,
I remember you taking me ..there
Every heartbeat, every web we weave
every time you laughed with me
Your footsteps echo in my mind
I see you swagger across the floor
I feel your hands on me from behind
The way you pushed me up against the door
I feel the kiss that made me tender
I feel the darkness with its light
the sweet of that warm surrender
as you held me there so tight
In every thought that comes to me
a part of you is always there
you are my peace, my serenity
when my soul begins to wear
Every thing that we’ve been through
the rocky road, the twists and turns
and still, you move me…you always do
with a passion that sparks and burns
I have never sought release
because I always knew my heart
and this love for you will never cease
you are always where I end..and start
My body aches to feel your touch
and so my spirit flies to you
a flight that brings the rush
again..ImageImageImageour love feels new


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