Shower in the Rain…

I love thunderstorms, they have a physical effect on me, leaving me feeling peaceful and calmed. I don’t know they why, they seem to make a tense day just fade. I love when the thunder rumbles and I can feel it in my body and the lightning seems to draw from the air all that has poisoned it. I love when it downpours, reminds me of when I was living in the woods and taking showers in them, they never scared me and it always felt awesome to strip naked and stand on “my” rock on the edge of the river and wash my body clean..it always felt cleaner then..like nature does. 

I was 20 years old then, seems like yesterday..and decided to join the wilds of Massachusetts, much to my Grandmother’s disapproval…lions and tigers and bears..oh my. I was a wilderness lover and still am. 

I took my knife which I wore in a sheath on my belt and my ax and my hatchet and my hammer and my nails the first day. I had worn a path through the woods for about a quarter of a mile. I think every animal knew me or my scent by that time, I practically lived there anyway. I built myself a lean~to…a raised platform from plywood and framed it out with two by fours. I dug a fire pit and loaded up on wood. I made the roof from branches, pines bows and maples.

When I was done, I walked back to my Grandmother’s and threw my clothes and what food I had, a grate from an old oven and a few essentials..soap and such. I took my sleeping bag and a couple comforters and my pillow, had to have my feather pillow..God I loved that thing..it finally exploded on me into a pile of down feathers..worn from years and years of use..it was kind of a security blanket…lol..it was hard when that happened. My “Gram” ..as I called her.. had given it to me as a small child. So off I went..into the woods. I can tell you..to this day..I wish I had stayed there.

I loved the peace and I saw so many amazing things. I was laying in the water one day, a hot summer day, on a flat rock that I used like a lawn chair. I was watching the birds and the squirrels playing and chasing one another and happened to glance upstream just as a golden eagle came swooping around the bend in the river..its wing span seemed to be almost as wide as the river itself..it was an awesome sight. 

There were animals everywhere, none of which found me a threat, at least they never attacked. There were fox and deer and rabbits and raccoons and snakes and fish and even a mother bear and her cubs..that freaked my Gram out…she knew for sure I was going to end up dead.

I loved my time there, a year in the wild..showers in thunderstorms, baths in the river, fires at night, a million stars, the whisper of the trees, the crackle of branches as the animals roamed, fishing and foraging,..it was heaven on earth..wouldn’t trade that memory for anything.

I live with civilization now..but there are moments that I can lose myself in the wild again..how much peace I had..it was yesterday, a million years ago..it seems..

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