The wind tore through her hair, flinging it wildly and it smacked against her face like the crack of a whip. The rain felt like pellets against her skin and the thunder shook the ground and the lightning played across the sky like the fingers of a storybook witch reaching for her next victim. Her clothes clung to her skin, her tanned legs soaked, slid against each other as she ran to the house. She reached the old front porch of the house and flung open the door. She fumbled for the light switch on her lamp and finally it clicked. She threw down her bag and was instantly warm, the house had held the summer sun’s heat, she pulled at her shirt as it stuck to her body, and tugged at her cut off jeans, she was drenched to the skin. The storm was a welcome one, it hadn’t rained for days, the wetness cooled her.

She climbed the stairs to her bedroom, her sugarcone walls, the chocolate curtains with veins of gold, her bed cover shimmered with its dark gold embroidered satin, she stripped off her bra and her bikini underwear and laid across the bed in front of the fan. Her artwork was strewn across it too, the frames she had painted black, waiting for their pictures, she had decided to try her hand at Chinese symbols and had planned on framing them that morning. She felt distracted and had decided to go exploring instead, she brought a canvas bag with her to fill with the treasures that she was sure she would find.

The sun had started going down and she began her trek home from the long walk she’d taken into the woods. Her bag was full, small pieces of driftwood and some colorful rocks and old nest that had been abandoned. The storm had come on suddenly catching her off guard, but she loved the rain and took her time walking through it. The winds picked up and it began pouring so hard that she could barely find her way, finally she reached the road and made it home, now she listened as it beat against the tin roof outside her window, to her it was like a lullaby.

She drifted off, her thoughts taking her into her dreams. She could smell the grass, it sweetness blew through her. The field was dotted with wild flowers of every color, clusters of them as far as you could see. She felt the fingertips on her skin before she realized that she was there with her and turned to meet her eyes. The air was cool and she looked down at her body, she laid there bare. Her fingertips came across her, lightly touching and teasing her, slipping like mercury down her and back up. She rose up over her, her beautiful eyes making her sink deeper into the softness of the spring grass, her head laid upon her arm, the muscles cradling it, her pillow. Above her, two butterflies played and chased each other, she could hear the sound of water but couldn’t see it. She closed her eyes and felt her moving against her, her lips warm and wet, the deep tender kiss of her lover and the sting of want. They moved in rythym, each time closer, it felt as if she had melted into her, their bodies rising and falling, the feeling more and more intense. She held onto her, pulling her in, her nails clung to her skin, she felt as if she were flying and desperate not to fall. Her hair laid like silken ringlets, her breasts swollen and hard, every muscle tensed, she could could climb no higher, her body shuddered as she surrendered over and over…


The wind whispered underneath her skirt, gently it fingered the ruffles and blew them up. It was a starless night and the clouds rolled around the moon as it waxed, she was but a shadow in the darkness. Her dark brown hair caught the moonrays as it peeked, the heavy tendrils fell to her waist and hung over her lover like a cage. Her soft lips glistened …in her eyes, the flames were caught, ..as the fire was, against the cool air it licked ..around them. No beginning, no end.

Their shadows entwined, they moved against one another in a slow dance. The clouds began to weep, softly and quietly against their skins,
with tiny taps of coolness that seemed to cleanse.
Their breaths synced as they flowed on the music in their minds, higher and higher, their bodies flew on it bars.

Spirit suddenly separate from the physical, soul bound to the other through a tie unseen by the eye, no beginning, no end, they became one.

She felt her soft hand slide under her soft skirt, gently her fingertips found their way to her warm thighs. The night was black but for the fire and they were but shadows against the night. Her hair shined under the light of the moon as she moved across her lover. Her wet lips parted..the flames caught her eyes as it reached up to its evasive lover, the sky. Their minds, wild with passion, filled with the smoke. They fell into each other, skin to skin, the drops of rain sprinkled on them like tender touches, their love lifting them on firey strings, cleansing the want, opening the need…eternally bound…

They would always be…one.

She woke, though she tried to stay, she failed, once again her heart strings torn, she buried her face into the pillow and weeped for her love…for her loneliness…for her hope…and for her forever..

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