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Icon for Wikimedia project´s LGBT portal (Portal:LGBT). (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
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English: Rainbow flag flapping in the wind with blue skies and the sun. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Okay, I usually write fiction here, a type of outlet for me as well as a diary of emotions, but today is different. I have read a few blogs tonight and am appalled at the hatred being spewed across the board. I don’t usually put myself in a place where I judge people for anything. I will however, put people in their place when I see that they are judging. 

How long is it going to take society to become civilized? I ask this because I not only see it but feel it, that way of thinking and believing that has to be a throwback from when our brains weren’t developed enough to be civil. The caveman and his woman being portrayed as being in a dominant, submissive relationship, you know the picture, caveman dragging his woman by the hair? Or the picture where they fight against each other to be leader of the pack..or the one where they make noises and grunts at each other and call it a language. I don’t know where people get off putting others into packages, they should act or “be” a certain way to be accepted! LISTEN!!! If you judge someone and position yourself as an authority over anyone, you really need to check yourself! If I want to be a lesbian with hair down to my ass and long fingernails and makeup and nice clothes..who the f*ck are you to tell me that I should “look” the part??? You just don’t have that right and I’ll be the first to tell you that! Just as you have no right to judge anyone for their own choices, own lifestyles, own gender identity..I don’t judge you because you’re not enough of something, or too much of something..so don’t do it to me.

And you..you pious Christian who calls yourself righteous..what is righteous about hatred?  God didn’t command you to hate one another..God didn’t specify ..well if you see a guy in rags, you need to judge him by what he’s wearing..or, hey there’s certain standards by which you love one another and here they are…No! I am so sick of hearing about uncivilized backward moronic assholes..oh there I go..judging..but..wait a minute, God did say there is righteous anger and I AM ANGRY!!!!..righteously so 🙂

And if you don’t agree, or if you don’t believe in God, it still gives you no right to stake claim on MY life or anyone else’s life. Does it feel good to know that you assume power over someone, you assume you can direct them down YOUR path, you assume that MY God is going to judge ME? Yeah, think again!

And as for our own community, all the rainbow flag wavers, all the I am LGBTQ, get it right! We are an INCLUSIVE community that is so diverse that there are no definitions to define all gender identities, why do you judge someone because they use a certain label..why is it right for you to discriminate within our community and then yell for equal rights in another? How dare you tell me what fits and doesn’t and how dare you speak against your brother or your sister and then not expect judgement on yourself? If you want to call yourself a butch, a femme, androgonist, gender queer, transsexual, bisexual, or anything in between the gender lines, who am I..or anyone else to judge you for who you ARE!!!??? 

I wonder if we ever will be a civilized world. There are so many better things to do with your precious time than to run around tearing down anyone for any choice they make. What is the purpose? Really, ask yourself that question the next time you are getting ready to judge anyone for any choice they are making. It would seem to me, looking at someone who does judge..that YOU can’t even run your own life..WHY the hell should you run MINE??? If you lower yourself to those kinds of standards, the world is..in your own little pea brain..an ugly place to live and I feel sorry for you..you’re wasting your time..evolve!!!


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