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In Chains You Are Never Free..

The sound of the breaths, of the whispers, of the wild heart, the beat like a drum that breaks through the night. Its echo leaning into the mountains fall from the cliffs like a rain pounding the foam on an ocean whose waves come around pulling them down into the darkness of the soul, spirits swimming into the whirlpool of emotion, emerging twisted together like tendrils of smoke, they rise clinging to each other to dance among the vibrating thunder and resounding beat of yesterday, tomorrow, forever…the mist surrounds, the clouds evaporate, the day illuminates with the realization that all is illusion, expectations like a turning key, locks the dream away. In chains you are never free..

The sound of a heart tamed, a passionate plea, throwing out a net to catch the stars, softer than their light though, is the hope, that lights within. Pulling
forward eternity, wings are hushed, the moment of eternity is the sunrise, the life seen with open eyes, the day its own beginning and end, there is no yesterday, no tomorrow, but the eternal, having this moment…forever..it is only now…

‘Heaven help my heart’   …living in the innocence, believing, raising eyes to the unseen, having faith that the spirit forged by the fire will walk hand in hand with protection, every season a reason to hold onto to what raises, on wings, the hopes of angels bring courage to a fearful heart, the flowers that bring a smile, the rain that cares, rains upon us all..fills us with a strength that makes us close our eyes, healing every hurt inside, love is the path, losing our way is the dark, ‘show me heaven’ and I become the hand that will steady you, ‘cover me, leave me breathless’  and I will love you through and through. Treasure me and I will be rich, build our castle on solid ground and I will never leave you. Live for us in the moment as each day breaks, my love for you only grows, like the child, I have faith that each storm, each sunny day, is an eternity and we will find our way through them, in a love that gives more than it takes…


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