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The Chrysalis

She slips through me like a silk thread, slicing through the crystals that had formed on a hardened heart. Her fingers coax me into their embrace, fingertips bringing the blood to the surface, she surges through my veins. Her eyes search mine as if swimming in an ocean and draw me to her in the waves of her emotion.

She places her finger across my lips, she hushes the whispers of blue and makes me no longer mourn the past. Her ache for me pulls me from the depths, pulls me to a heavenly room where we cling together, where we dance the dance of love. Her words adorn me with dripping jewels that drop from her silken lips, her passion molds me into her like soft clay, my body hardened by the kiln of her love. Her spirit like wisps of smoke, hot as a white flame, bares me through skin and bone, melts me into the gold of her heart, and pours me, purified, into herself. I cannot distinguish where she begins, where I end.

The night closes in, the stars glow like celestial angels watching over us, and I lay upon her shoulder, hand on her heart as she pulls me close. I am filled with a gentle stream of peace and contentment, a river of love and hope. Slowly we drift, sharing gentle breaths, into our warm chrysalis of sleep, into the dreams we will always share..she and I..a forever love…


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