The Promise..

The sky opened up, the rain fell gently, she felt a calm that she hadn’t felt in a while. The day had been almost like the dusk, her heart poured out such a deepness that she could do nothing but breathe it into her over and over. She dared to dream, she felt the hope, she accepted her fate, whatever it would be. She was so full of love, she could touch the passion, the intensity, it made her live.

The clouds were gone for her, she had the answers she needed. Love is patient, love is kind, it keeps no record of wrongs, love believes, love never fails…and she would never fail it ever again no matter what, she knew she could never let something so pure be any part of the hell she had put herself in…her eyes had opened…and they would close with it forever..

You’ve been my deepest love, my hero, my confidant, my best friend. You have been the one that made me dream, the one who made me believe in hope, you have lifted me from what tortured me, you have healed the past, made me see the future, lived with me in the present and walked through every wall, you have loved me through my worse, and at my best, and I never had that from anyone. I have pushed your buttons, I have held on because I felt like if I ever let you go, you would, and I have felt jealousy, and worry and hurt, and pain…but it had nothing to do with you or how you make me feel…I built those walls long ago. It began when I was a child, it stayed with me and has been present in every part of my life..it hasn’t been until you that I feel, really feel, and because of you, I finally faced it..I never wanted to mirror myself because I was afraid it would break me but even though I did break, it was such a release that came over me, that it just blew up inside of me and those walls I’d always hid behind, those feelings that made me question love, fell. I know what it has done to us..I know you hurt because of me..I can’t control whether you can see what you’ve given me, but know that it gave me my life back..a life that I hope you still want to be in..I can’t make you stay, I can only pray you will….you are my forever love, and I will always be faithful to it..and to you…


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