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Give What You Need

Try to light a star from afar
It’s like putting fireflies in a jar
From the dust to dreams to scars
From peace to promises to wars

With a bottle full of notes dropped in the sea
To a bottle of pretty please and forgive me
Drying away tears that are never seen
In a garden that was sewn just for the glean

The heartbeat of a heart beating for its life
Cut into with the invisible edge of a knife
Slowly brought to the light, left to die in the night
Drowning in blood of love,the sun goes out of sight

A whirlpool of emotion pulled by the moon
Took down to a castle built, left in ruin
Reaching for a hand to reach back from the deep
To breathe awake the spirit left to drift asleep

The echoes left by words die away on the wind
Hopes and dreams they give and then rescind
Giving just to get what they demand
Taking more than the love they command

The courage it takes to make a choice
Is like giving truth to a silenced voice
To hold on when the world’s a storm
Is to untie the cables and ropes that are worn

Laying low to stay under the radar
Putting up walls to make a heart raw
Feelings run deep under the skin
When all is lost to giving in

When the game is using guilt
The garden walked in begins to wilt
The footprints left in love begin to fade
Time pulls shut the open gate

The trapping of a butterfly is what you get
beating wings that break against the net
Choose to hold it and it may choose to fly
Or to return to kiss the flower it left behind

The nectar of true love is sweet
The nurturing like waves upon the sea
Its whispers give love its wings to fly
The wind echoes back its lover’s sigh

A heart that loves hard doesn’t become hard
Love takes an inch but gives a yard
Chains aren’t put there by another
Each link is placed to hold together

When love is sewn in a promise of forever
There’s nothing that doesn’t serve together
Every bridge is left to stand the test of time
Though it may take mending every vine

The oceans of emotion, the good with the bad
Every wave waters the garden,happy or sad
The footprints left behind never turn to dust
The butterfly that emerges is one with its chrysalis

The stars are never far for they shine in eyes
They’re like a world full of fireflies
From dust to dreams to spirit flight
From peace to promise to an everlasting light

Knowing just what you have to lose
The grass may look greener
but be careful what you choose
Don’t let go when letting go
means you will always look back
Cherish what God rains down,
hold onto it when there’s nothing you lack
Love may ask you to sacrifice
but it’s worth the sweat and blood
The proof is the man who hung upon the cross
Wave on wave, through every flood
You are worth everything to me and more
You can shut me out, walk out the door
But I can guarantee, in this garden I am the bee
It will always be in your blood, my sting
the grass you’re looking at will only wither
and the beautiful field where you’re standing now, it is something you can have forever


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