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Front..and..Center (to be continued)





The distant sun behind the haze of heat glowed, the street sent up mirages of lquid and the walk made her skin shimmer, she felt exhilerated. She made it back to the house and ran up the wood stairs and into the bathroom to splash her face with cool water. She stood stretching in front of the mirror noticing the tone of her long arms, the muscles in her neck and the slender collarbones, her lips curled into a mona lisa smile. She bent to touch her toes painted in soft frosty pink and ran her fingertips up her long tan legs to the muscles that tensed in her thighs. She felt great.

The shower of cool water ran down her back and she shook her long curls out. Her deep blue eyes glistened with life. She stacked her waist long hair into a makeshift bun on top of her head and her fingers rubbed the shampoo into it. The bubbles cascaded like falls and slid effortlessly over the curves of her back, along her waist, over the ridges of her soft hips; they landed in pools as they ran like rivers down her. She enjoyed the coolness and closed her eyes to heighten her senses. She imagined her there, wished her there, and felt her heart swell inside her as she stood stilled by those thoughts.

The sun layed upon the mountains lazily and the air began to cool. The smells of a barbeque filled the air and there was laughter of children chasing one another and giggling with delight. She pushed herself further into the pink adirondack chair and adjusted her legs atop the small stool in front of her. Her mind went back to the script that she had laid out and her thoughts brought her to the foundation of her life. She felt exposed lately and her emotions came from a raw place inside of her. She lifted her eyes to the tops of the trees and watched as the buzzards circled the skies in search of their next meal. The water was high in the brook which looked more like a small river now and she thought of how it would feel to ride the current and wondered where it would take her. The storm clouds had begun to move in and far away sounds of thunder snapped her back from her fantasies. She pulled the sleeveless blue robe whose hem slid along the floor closer around her and watched as the skies became darkened by the sunset and the cloud cover, it had been a day of walking and taking in her world and reining in emotions. Her rebel heart had driven her to the edge and back today, but she had finally settled. The skies opened up and the storm drew closer and she thought again of the script of her life, how she’d written every line, she was soothed and quieted now and the only storms raging were the ones that scattered its lightning and rumbled its voice in the here and now.

She had been blessed with the gift of intuition and there were times she wished she wasn’t. Her insides ached as she thought and she wished for sleep. The rain poured from the sky and the metal roof outside tapped out nature’s song and her window curtains blew in a mist against her face as she looked out and watched the lightning light up the yard. Her bare skin felt refreshed with each breeze and she felt a longing for her love. The days and nights passed so slowly, each minute dragging in one or another memory or feeling. She felt her, she felt her pain, what could she do, how could she get to her? There was no answer and the wait seemed to pull her heart..

She woke at midnight and lit the candle on her nightstand. She was chilled, the temperature outside must have dropped. She sat on the edge of her bed and reached for the robe she had slipped out of when she had laid down. She lit a cigarette and blew out the smoke like a sigh, her heart felt heavy. She hadn’t had that feeling for a while, she’d concentrated on all the positives that were happening in her life. She shuddered trying to release it, but it hung in the air. Finally, she released her tears instead, her heart feeliing the hard truth, why the pain? Where was it emanating from? What road was she looking down now? Her intuition was kicking in…would she be able to hear what it was saying? Did she want to?


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