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Front..and..Center (The End,The Beginnning)

The center of her world had twisted, like a leaf dangling from a web twisting in the wind, it was a magical sight unless the thread broke. She dealt with it like she always had, holding on and waiting for the outcome. Her web was spun on silver threads, she drank in the sun and the moon and the stars as she spun it and the layers formed a mystical carpet, transparent.but strong,. She was becoming what she had woven into her life, a stillness, a romance, a hope.

She was intricate like the lace that her Grandmother had tatted and she was resilient and brilliant like the beautiful indian her Great Grandmother was. The combination of them both had molded her into a gentle hearted tender woman with nerves of steel and a heart of gold. She had learned life from them,  now she needed their tenacity for living and learning and standing strong, for giving back, paying forward their understanding,  they had taught her family, they had taught her love. She had no doubts in herself, all her dreams would come true, she built them in the sky and captured them, one at a time…this would be her final dream…she would be her reality. come true.


Sweet dreams my love…


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