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Forever and Now…

Love, the blush of her skin, the softness of her lips, the push of her kiss
Love, the rush of her touch, the sweet scents of her, feeling so much
Love, the gentle way she turns me, the fire whose smoke even burns me
Love, the sway of her body to my whispers in her hair,
Over her I slide like the air
Love, wet lips, breasts stung by her fingertips, as I slip my hips
Love, where she takes me when I go, tender and slow, the storm between us flows
Love, our hearts and mind, a passion wide awake yet moves in blind
Love, breaking me open, the feeling is sublime, a shower that pours over me, under, in front, behind
Love, words unspoken and yet I know, I see just where you dare to go
Love,  simplicity so sweet, and yet there’s a breeze and a resounding beat
Love, what’s good doesn’t slip away, feel it new everyday
Love, breaking me every time I reach, within, there is no breach
Love, let her in, let her fall in, you don’t know how I bleed for her sin
Love, tear away the walls, the water that pours who I am, let the dust settle upon them, let the fountain flow over the dam….
Love, pressing up against me, skin to skin heart to heart eye to eye, the blush of our eternity, caught in my lover’s sigh…


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