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The sounds of nightfall, the song of the crickets chirping their lullabye and the racoons chattering to one another, the brook babbling as the leaves whisper against one another, soothing to her soul when the day ends its ceaseless buzz of life and a calm blankets her.

She awaits her love and peacefully exists within the confines of her heart. She has realized so much since she battled for what she wanted and she has won the war without wounding the spirit she lived to move.

The catalyst of this peace began in the womb of a diffedent heart but has since been nurtured and polished into an entanglement of emotions within a once deep reticence that has finally found its voice. Stung by thought, there came a familiar intimacy that was not only intrusive inwardly but spoke outwardly in the way my relationship had become a thraldom in which I had thrown myself into habitual deference trying to commingle humble submission and respect with the intense love I feel.

The infelicity only proved to be frantic ardor and I put myself in the position of being subjected to gnawing thoughts of experience and instinct that had warred within me and finally stepped through the door to find a hallowed stillness. I grasped the idea of freedom within a soaring love and the airy splendor that it brought.

I am no longer encummbered by doubts, fears, hurts or sorrows, being blissfully edified, I have found the passage of the former to be life changing by the cabalisitic torments that true love can bring to light.

My victory over what has plagued my life has brought a new understanding. Everyone battles something in their lives, everyone has brought the past into the present because of fears, I have found myself being pulled in directions that my current heart fell prisoner to and have affected my relationship and my trust and my pride, only to face my fears and I had choice, I either fought to get myself back or I could run and bury them deeper in me. I chose to do war against them, a process that left me wounded and bleeding but I could finally stand…alone…and know I had won.
She makes me bleed, and she heals me, she has broken me and put me back together, she has pushed me and pulled me back again, but she never stopped showing me that she loved, loves, me…and the battle has ceased, I surrender, she surrenders, we choose our way…together…goodbye to the bridges behind us, goodbye to the past…hello love…hello truth…hello dreams (real ones), hello hopes ( hope that doesn’t hope against itself), hello you, hello me, hello us…never lettin’ go again…


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