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Searing Me

Swiftly the edge of her spirit
like a razor’s edge sliced away
with a white hot fire,
searing me, soul and bones,
Blurring the line between
love and desire,
Burying  it in
the weight of its stones,
She gives more than I
could ever require.
Slipping softly, gently resting
on her mind,
The tender blessing
of purity, she never leaves me blind
We’ve known sorrows and our joy
Swept our memories in a pile
I’m her femme, she’s my boi
A love that’s full of style
Promises that float above our heads
Stars that light the way though our lives
On the mountains or in valley beds
The air remembers all our sighs
So we rise from the ashes of the past
Like a warm smoke that comes from constant fire
Looking in the same direction at last
Like the eyelashes of a mare, in the presence of her sire,
She pushes me toward the sun, she nudges me to move against her
And I feel her strength, believe in her passion
She makes everything in me stir
She gives it all, never just a ration
There’s no question in my mind my direction
No doubt where her heart lies, with me
Hers is a strong and steady ever present affection
It shows me where I am suppose to be…


4 thoughts on “Searing Me

    1. Ok, first, thank you for the nomination, which being not familiar with what you’d sent made me smile when I realized just what this comment meant. I’m not sure how to link this to your blog, or put up my nomination…and you’re laughing…it’s ok, I can take it 🙂 anyway, how do I go about doing this whole thing, I am humbled by the thought that I inspire..anyone..thanks for the thumbs up, it really means a lot.


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