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Because of You…and Me


What is this whisper, feathers beating against the soul
What is this song, wings lifting through the clouds
What is this mountain, flight to her lovers voice
What is this echo, drowning out the noise
Where did the arrow strike, love’s power injected
Where did the quiet go, exploding she connected
Where did the angels fall, when her demons rose within
Where did the embers glow, as she shed the sin
When was it that truth played an honest role
When was it that the heart of her love would unfold
When was it that she lost, her thoughts all undone
When was it that she felt, her spirit all but gone
How does the power feel, you wield it with your word
How does the knife become a mighty bloody sword
How does the magic free, when the wand is pawned
How does the spell awaken, sleeping as you dawned
Why is it when life is broken, that the pieces fall together
Why is it that words are spoken, did you say forever
Why is that we put a limit and speak infinity
Why is it that I believe, ….because…. of you, and me…


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