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Itz a Love Thing…My Memories

    She liquified with her eyes, her arms wrapped around my waist and she pulled me into her smile. Her lips coming against mine hard, filled with such passion, I felt myself melt against her hard body. My hair fell against her shoulder along with my blushing cheek and I breathed in the warm scent of her cologne and the leather she wore.

    She was amazing, I was mesmerized by her low sexy voice, it made me feel warm and wanted. I was shy and felt my face was on fire as I nuzzled into her, it made me feel safe that she was so in charge of the night. I fell totally in love at first sight, I felt myself submitting to her and wanting to please her.

    Her arm came around me, her hand in the small of my back as she walked me to the door of the restaurant, chivalry is not dead to my butch as she reached around and swung it open for me. I loved her manners and was proud to be by her side. I watched across the table, looking at the shape of her strong jaw and softness of her smile and her sexy green eyes as they flashed at me, melting me to my core. I didn’t want to stop, couldn’t stop, looking at her.

    The night was hardly over as we made it back to the hotel, the room was nicely decorated and clean. She laid against the propped up pillows, I decided to take a hot bubble bath. I pulled out my white silk gown and hung it behind the door and stepped gingerly into the steam of the water and mountains of bubbles and layed back with a dreamy smile…my thoughts were as hot as the water that trickled across my breasts as I breathed.

    I went to her, I layed against her and the soft of my legs glided down the middle of hers. She held me there with her strong arm wrapped over my shoulder. Her hand traced the edges of my shoulder and sent shivers down my body…she laid me back on the pillows and came over me, pressing her want into my skin, making me lift to her…lips against my neck pulling and gently biting…her hands slid up the slippery silk and touched me, so tender, she whispered, relax…she made me relax…the gown lifted, her fingertips opened me, with soft lips and her tongue coming down on me…she took me for hers…

    I have loved her since, in many capacities, as a lover, as a friend, as a fighter, as a dreamer, when she was angry, when she lost faith, when she felt alone, when she cried, I love her now and I always will, because through it all …she loved me… and she always will

    I will always be committed to you, I will treat you with the same respect, care, love that you give to me…and I love the way you give…and take 😉


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