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Never Go Away


So love me like you are diving deep …inside of me

Like the grave won’t keep us from holding on

So hold me with those strong hands and melt the fear

guide me through this crazy maze

So touch me when I can’t be touched

bring me to that peaceful place

So breathe me when you take my breath away

I remember every time in time …eternally

So heal me because the wounds wounded my heart

take the pain when I cut myself ’til I bleed

So take me to the depths that made us so deep

for the skies part and I am lost in that sea

So have me like you had me for a thousand years

and a thousand more, time and again

So empty me because you fill the sails

you make me feel the echoes of the wind

So tell me in those soft whispers of love

because I can’t fly without the words that still my soul

So light me inside out so the shadows are gone

I can see the truth when I face my rising sun

So save me with the comfort I find in your embrace

the eyes that make me melt when they say…you’ll never go away…never..go..away



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