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Rainbow Waters


You drift through my heart like the rainbow waters under my skin,

a sunrise that courses through my veins,

You became the blood that beats in my heart

the stillness that woke me with its pain

You move me like the moon’s rays pull and push the ebb

rocking me through my morning and stilling me in my nights

You hold me in a place and breathe into me your death and your life

with pictures that play behind my closing eyes

You dreamed dreams that made me dream my own

and promised I could reach the stars and that far away moon

You make me shiver with the cold and explode with the heat

the slow.. ..fire ..burn that sent wisps of smoke with every beat…

You whisper you love me and I get lost, found,… in your eyes

and dance to the music of your sighs

There may be dark in the light, or light in the dark,

but one thing I know and I’ve told you this before…

there will never be another spark, another fire..

never another love that makes me close the door…

You make me come undone then put me back together

make me think…lose my thoughts…it’ll never be better


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