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She Found In Me

Showers upon clouds, chasing the storm, laying in the stillness. Breaths breathing in and out, dreams spoken behind closed eyes, a conversation with hearts, everything needed is right here, right there.

Breathless words, silent in the night, wishful wishes left among the stars. Hold the darkness, hold the light. Passion moon, wax and wane, upon her soul, rays shine unbroken, pulling the waves, break through, pour from my lover’s eyes.

The curve of the mountains against the sky, her skin sinking softly upon the hardness, muscles tense, release, like the struggle, like the want, into fingers, upon lips, hushing my whisper, usher the dawn, until it dawns in my lover’s heart again.

Winds blow away the flame, ghosts ripple the waters upon the sea, sails rise without a destiny. Lost treasure, lost maps, direction guided by long shadows that flow across spirit, thought, unbound, the shore slips away, lead her to that island …she found in me.



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