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Linger there, touch me here, silk against silk, her soft legs fell, her red painted fingernails dug into the soft sheets, her red painted toes melted into skin on skin, she wrapped herself and pulled those hips closer, deeper, deeper, “Come in, come in”, she whispered as she felt herself letting go, her body… slave to the passion of her stone…

Kiss me there, touch me there, she guided herself, …hard against soft…my kiss finds its way, her strong legs fall, the muscles in her arms turns to rock as she rocks herself deep into my wet lips, past my hard tongue,  pushing to my throat, grabbing my hair, she holds me there..deeper, deeper baby..fingertips tight around the long dark hair that laid upon her chest, she moaned…more baby..more baby. Again and again and again her release …came… 

Ice to fire, fire to ice, their love played with their hearts, rested on their minds, burning bright and then to embers, from the embers lifting them until the air ignited that want… that would never die…no matter what else did…

melt into me…me into you…stronger and stronger…until all there’s left is the steam…

touch me there…linger here..it lingers hereImage



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