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Nothing In The Dark

A dream that startles my deepest sleep, one where I am alone with me,

Along the path the pieces lay, melted into the winter of my memory,


nothing in the darkest hour, I walk along the sands of time,

the dawn comes too late, it lights within my mind.


Too much pain to hold onto, flying from my soul, through every pore

holding on harder than letting go, I open every closet door


For days the desperation not to lose turned to a loss of control

but then I drained, I met the passion in my soul


I mirrored myself because I needed to see,

that storm that thundered on inside of me,


naked to the love I felt, I recalled the dream that held me there,

the broken heart, the waves of love, the light, the darkness everywhere


I realized what will always be…

that forever lives with you night and day…


that sometimes what chains you, sets you free…

when there’s a constant in your heart, even where you lay…


your spirit climbs until you find that place…

where you close your eyes and accept your fate…



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