That silent look that passes between lovers, those unspoken words that shift the heart and make it beat faster. The exploration of passion, the renewal of love, the distance near or far, sparks have a means of travel that goes beyond the realm of reality, using fantasy, imagination, we can submerse ourselves in a feeling that our egos encompass as all being and that feeling becomes our reality. 

In this world of technology and social media, we can be anything and anyone and none are the wiser. We can be that compassionate friend, that intimate lover, that sensual entity, coarse or soft, sweet or bitter, and no one can pull the mask off, no one can scar the image. 

I began my experiences with the internet believing every word anyone said, after all, why would anyone paint a picture of themselves that was false?.. why would anyone lie?.. my naivety was incomprehensible to the fact that fantasy and imagination work hand in hand and the use of the internet, to propagate a false reality over and over, made me question almost every encounter I had eventually. It’s been 14 years since I first came online and not to my surprise have I found that there’s an overwhelming use of it for just that very purpose. Also to my surprise, it has the ability to conjure feelings and beliefs and strife and drama and sometimes even incredible happenings that may not have been or were not available before it. I have had good experiences and bad experiences, have found and lost friends, loves, even the occasional girlfriend…sometimes I wonder if there is ever going to be face to face, heart to heart, again. 

I don’t know you..or do I? I guess I have a kind of false hope, an inclination toward unbelief instead of belief. I abhor lying and I have a real problem with masks, I have met and dealt with people whose persona would look like a tarnished vessel if people really “knew” them and I have met and dealt with people who are on the up and up, few and far between that they are. I try to always be myself…I only ask that of others…but..well…I guess for some the mask serves them better than reality.


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