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Upon The Thorns


The day is erased, the sky pours down, raindrops like a soothing music to my weariness, it brings me far into my heart and thoughts. In the absence of sounds that crowd out the silence, the night bares the shallow end of life, and I wade in the waters fearing nothing. Even the sorrows drift away, nothing will pull me under. My weaknesses go unseen blanketed by the dark, even the sea of tears that fall are drops of shining dew upon the thorns. The once innocence of love, the purity tarnished by the year, is washed over me. The ebb and flow of its waves lapping at my feet, the calmness feeling like a heartbeat I once covered with my hand. The rhythm slowly lulling me back to that place, that one time, polished, like the stone that rolls upon the sand. Its song sings so close to my ear, even as I feel the hardness, I feel the edges smooth under my fingertips, like velvet lips whispering in the midnight hours.


I collapse into its memory. Coming around me like the arms that once protected my very soul, I sway against it, hold me there with your breath upon my neck, there was my peace, there was my comfort, there was the depth of my sea, the moon, the sun upon my ocean. I want to drown myself in it, I want it to take my last breath…but always it breathes life back into me…as if it knows I am close to death, it saves me.




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