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Slip Down

Slip down,

this memory 

between the sheets,

calm down,

the soft of your hand,

reaching, touching me,

close my eyes,

just close my eyes,

then there’s those dreams,

and I can’t retreat,

the sun rising, another day,

the distance between us

like endless space,

so far away, so close,

that I can feel ..your pain

words, silent words

 pour from your eyes

push me away..beg me to stay..

I fall into the picture,

of us, of you, to pieces 

my heart sighs


..never ceases

the melted snow,

the puddle 

of sticks

and stones,

all I want

all I want…

is to feel 

it all

and this lonliness

cuts me to my bone

the pillow

my only comfort

these tears, a river

waves over broken stone

my hardened heart 

is severed..

tossing and turning,

a shiver runs down my spine

…but I’m on fire

how can it be so cold

when I am burning

so deep..

I wander in the deep

close my eyes, 

close my eyes…

but you won’t let me sleep

the wings of the angels unfold

why are my dreams so unkind

why are you 

only here when I sleep

the whisper in my sighs…

the shadows in my mind

I look for you 

but I’m all alone,

slip down,

pull the cover

but something sacred

tells me what’s done

is never done…

falling from the skies

reaching for the stars

just hold on..

hold on..

hope gives you wings

love…never dies

carry on…

just carry on…

she slips softly,


between these

lonely sheets

seems she knows

my every dream

where all the

heartache meets

tearing slowly..

through every seam

my heart..

make it  feel again

love..its ground is holy

no fairytale, no pretend

follow me..

just follow me…

even if this road…

has no end…

what was..will always

come around

love will come again…b13



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