Blizzard Of 2013

English: snowman
English: snowman (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


English: A snowball fight at the Dupont Circle...
English: A snowball fight at the Dupont Circle fountain, located at the center of Dupont Circle in Washington, D.C., following the First North American blizzard of 2010. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


Looking in the distance


there’s a storm rolling in


a broken horizon


the clouds toss and turn


no shadows on the ground


the sun has hid its face


the snow falls without a sound


a quiet time to slip away


In my mind there’s an echo


a small child sliding down a hill


a snowman whose head stands in the winter’s glow


birds eating on the windowsill


there’s a time that stands through time


when life would become simple


as the hills we climbed


in weather that could freeze a dimple


Sometimes looking back


brings me to today


how does our thinking get so far off the track


I wonder when all the innocence went away


looking for school to close


so we could have a snowball fight


making a track with our sleds with frozen toes


gloves soaked to the skin, what a sight!


Hair frozen in place by the wind


bundled up in our one piece suits


walking around catching flakes our tongue


or stuck to a railing as our family has laughing fits


Watching the blizzard rolling in from the coast


the sky grayed and the wind


I think back to the times I miss the most


when I didn’t dread it and wanted it to rescind


Maybe looking back will pull out all the charm


as I wrap this blanket up around me


praying none will come to harm


that the day will be one to take in this beauty


Those sweet days of yesteryear


awaken in my tired soul


making me watch the pictures there


making me want to enjoy the day


that will be my goal


















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