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Jagged Edges

She is full of jagged edges

She doesn’t need your reasons

She flies off the highest ledges

She picks up all the pieces 

from the seasons of her life

she looks at her reflection

she reads her heart in every line

she breaks the mirror..introspection 

she’s untouchable, blind leading the  blind

Come under the knife

Break away the silence

Tear away… the veil

There is no repentance

Count nothing as a fail

walk or run down the road

she”ll breathe life into your veins

she’s used to carrying every heavy load

She breaks  the links of chains

She’ll catch you at the bottom

with her heart wide open

Burn down the bridges

Pour the water

from your drowning soul

her fingertips slide down slowly

over every bone

The whisper on her lips

skin on skin

She can almost see

her rising sun

all the nights in the distance

becoming just a blur

it’s almost gone, 

did her spirit have substance

once, like it could be forever

hold her, know she gives it

to you heart and soul

because you will always be 

the unbreakable

in that broken sea

if you could see how she can fly

even tears dry with her sigh

if you could see the light inside

you’d never look away

her heart beats a forever

she can love you…forever and a day..



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