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Opon My Windowsill

your name


Sometimes words are louder spoken

in the silence of  your arms,

when all the dust settles in the rooms,

the dark of the night with all its storms,

there’s no promise when the earth moves,

the shadow that slides across these walls,

the music that whispers in my soul,

the stars rain down when my heart falls,

Inside there’s a quiet beat, an echo of the past,

fingertips lay soft against my skin, you come to me at last,

dusty corners breathe moving webs,

those memories, holding fast,

burning down the candle, 

there’s a stillness in the ash,

I close my eyes to cover up this ever burning flame,

breathing you in until you are here with me again,

and I see the smoke that is rising in my hand

 and I hear my lips whispering your name,

my love where have you been?

these journeys  drown me in their sea

the waves of every feeling beckon me away,

the earth that shudders beneath my feet

through your thunder and my rain,

and then the calm eases my pounding heart,

the winds of my breath turn to quiet sighs,

the sun brings down the sleepy moon,

as you leave, you kiss open, my eyes,

the dream ending way too soon,

awakened I feel the promise of your arms,

the morning breaks and once again I still,

the rush of last night’s storms gone,

the sun upon my windowsill…







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