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Those Shadows On The Backroad…The Rain Of Fire Burning Up My Thoughts…

I see her, hear her, across the way. Her eyes meet my own, and for a moment, they lock into mine and her words drift off her lips and we both seem to lose our breath.
I inhale the scents that fill the air searching for that familiar aroma that seems to creep into even my cells when  her cologne lingers. Her body moves and the air around me becomes electric and I can feel her fingertips around my waist pulling me back into her hips. I can feel the heat from the fire that blazes in me for her touch and I remember..I am hers.
I am overflowing with our dreams and our hopes. They are wild strings that tie me up, and when I am bound, they smile, because they know I am trapped forever in the promise. My promise, her promise, words that echo off my bones, tear at my skin, slice until my heart bleeds for her, for it. 
The morning star lays its head sweetly on the distant mountains, and for a moment I can feel my head on her shoulder, her arm coming around me and she pulls me to her and nothing has ever felt more peaceful, more loving, more safe than being there.
The birdsongs roll off the water of the brook’s whispering and I take my coffee, sit on my porch, watching, as the world ..comes awake. A butterfly, just born again, waves its wings in a gentle breeze on the lilies leaves that are springing from the ground, it reminds me of the softest lips coming down on mine and the tender touch of her fingers stroking my palm, that feeling that brought with it something new, more powerful, than every previous morning , every day.
I can see her standing here, leaning into the post and how her slight smile and beautiful eyes would shine, pull mine into hers and I couldn’t help but fall into her, I loved how that felt. She always made me feel…
The day passes, and everything seems to remind me, thoughts of her and in all the hours that go by, they work their way into every part of my world. Sometimes the memories bring a smile, sometimes the depths of what I feel bring quiet tears that just seem to pour from my eyes and they’re hard to control.
I want to heal her, to blow kisses for her to see instead of trying to be the breeze that clears the smokey hurt I see there. I want to hold her, to make her believe again, instead of trying to hold onto what it feels like to have her here. I want to need her, to make her feel that slow smolder turn into a flame, to touch her skin just to feel her spirit reach for mine. I want to want her, show her the way she deserves to be loved and cared for. I want to love her, break apart those walls, shatter every doubt, build a life that she knows will never fall apart.
She is my heart and soul…she is everything to me...


but in my arms
……everything but






                   Goodnight, sweet dreams love


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